Tiffanie Mazellier

A clean, minimalist and playful portfolio that reflects Tiffanie’s personality and approach to design.

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A playful portfolio with a soul.

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New year, new portfolio! After a few successful collaborations, time has come to create something for ourselves. Despite being located across the globe at that time, we worked closely together to define and refine animations and create an user experience that best reflects her style and approach to design.


Tiffanie wanted something unique, fun and meaningful. To bring this to life we’ve worked together to decide which UX way to take and what was possible technically speaking. While being subtle and minimalistic we wanted the website to have a lot of details and extra attention to make it stand apart.


While being completely static I wanted to give Tiffanie full control over the content. I’ve integrated a file-based CMS (Forestry) and added a couple of extra niceties to make her experience even smoother (image resizing and format conversion). She also wanted to add a twirl distortion effect when hovering her face on the about page, a good excuse to dig into webgl and shaders to make it happen: a first for me!


Forestry CMS / NuxtJS / AnimeJS / CurtainJS / NodeJS

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