SMOL Urban Music

Give an online voice to the artists of the urban music scene of New Caledonia.

With Tiffanie Mazellier 2018-2020
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Voices of New Caledonia

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SMOL is an ambitious project led by sound engineer Ophelie Pezet to shed a light on the urban music scene of New Caledonia. Being a first in the country, this project has required lots of work across various disciplines from sound recording, to mixing, video recording, photo shoot... and needed a place to live on the web.


I teamed up with Tiffanie Mazellier to bring this project to life in late 2018. We originally thought the project would be powered by a CMS but considering its constantly changing nature we went with a static approach allowing us to spend more time on interactions, and UX optimizations. The project reached its final state in early 2020 and for this occasion, the site has been partially rebuilt with refinements and changes notably to the home page to allow for a more exploratory approach.


With an ultra wide audience we had to do a lot of testing and feedback gathering to make the website usable by most. The layout and implementation also had to be quite flexible with the on-going aspect of the project. As more artists were recorded we realised we needed to add more information, add exceptions, move things around, an interesting but challenging voyage!


NuxtJS (static) / Netlify / AnimeJS

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