Rebuild of the New Zealand Colorsteel website with a simple and elegant grid-based website.

With Heyday 2018
Colorsteel's project cover image
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Protects the places New Zealanders live, work and play.

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A corporate website built with speed and simplicity in mind. It’s effective grid-based layout design combined with fast transitions is meant to reflect the effectiveness of the product.


This project was the first leap for Heyday to go static (headless CMS & static build) so it has to check a few boxes to decide if it was worth going any deeper on that approach. While being a real-world proof of concept for the JAMSTACK it also needed to give the client full satisfaction!


As everything new we had to get used to that shift of paradigm in the CMS. Headless CMS are nice to work with as developers but we needed to make sure it would be a great experience for the client and content creator as well.


NextJS (static) / Netlify / Contentful Web & API

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