Charlie Ward

An interaction-heavy website to showcase the best work of awarded art director Charlie Ward.

With Charlie Ward 2019
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Portfolio of awarded art director Celt.

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After a successful collaboration on the Auckland Museum project at NV Interactive, Charlie and I teamed up again but this time to create his own portfolio. The challenge here was to find the right balance to show his work in high fidelity while preserving a reasonable loading time.


Charlie is a really creative guy with a focus on user experience and an keen-eye for motion which is just perfect to pull a project like this one together. All I had to do was to be up to the task to bring those ideas to life!


Having spread over quite some time, we had to be extra careful to keep everything consistent and not implement slightly different animations or design principles. I also kept an eye on loading time and performance in general, with lots of interactions and hi-resolution images it’s quite easy to go overboard!



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