Haere pictures

Merging two of my passions to give a place to live on the web for my aerial imagery content.

With my drone 2017-Present
Haere pictures's project cover image
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Eyes over the world.

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My interest in aerial photography started a few years ago and it took me quite some time before realising I could merge two of my passions together: frontend and photography.


Because my photography style is quite vibrant and colorful I wanted something minimal and neutral to emphasize on the photo. I designed a simple interface that leaves plenty of room for the content with some discret touches here and there.


Minimalism is hard and it’s quite easy to find yourself removing information that is crucial! I tried to keep a minimalistic look, without hiding relevant information while keeping as much real estate as possible: the photo has to be queen! That’s what led me to play with the idea of masks, a simple concept but not necessarily easy to do right.


Prismic / SVG / AnimeJS / VueJS

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