Data country

A side project to explore the world through data.

With Nicolas Thaissen 2017-Present
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The world in figures.

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Ever wonder if the French are consuming more wine than the rest of the world (spoiler: they do)? Or which country is the youngest in the world (spoiler: it’s South Sudan)? Well Nicolas and I certainly had, and that’s how Datacountry was born.


To bring this to life, we first spent a decent amount of time deciding which information we wanted and where we could get it. We also needed data and sources available for most countries which wasn’t always easy. I like to consider this project as a living thing, and even though I am not updating it as much as I’d like, I try to add more information every now and then.


When we started this project we had no idea how challenging it would get. From finding data sources to aggregating and making sense of it while having an interface that is nice to use, visually pleasant and fast, we quickly realised that data visualisation covers a lot of disciplines and is a difficult subject to master!


Dataviz / Web Scrapping / NodeJS / AnimeJS / VueJS / Netlify

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