Auckland Museum

A multi-display digital installation bringing to life Auckland War Memorial Museum medal collection and their stories.

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Bringing 3,000+ medals to life.

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As part of a 10 year redevelopment programme, the Auckland War Memorial Museum has been selected for visitors to discover more about the story of servicemen & women behind every military medal. The digital installation had to fit seamlessly into the physical space and enhance the holistic museum experience.


Entirely built with web technologies, the user is able to interact with a 46” console to control a 8 meters wide wall in front of him showcasing the medals in ultra-high resolution. If loading times weren’t a problem here (the app is installed locally), we add to be extra careful while playing with massive images and full screen transitions.


To make sure everything was running smoothly despite ultra-high images displayed on super-large screens using heavy animations, we’ve thoroughly tested the code throughout the development process on the final devices. We also tested a lot of interaction principles to better connect the console with the wall and the physical world in which the user can discover the medals.


Angular / Electron / GSAP / WebSocket

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